Meet the Team

Objectives for the Chapter

  • Cultivate Leadership - enable others with the tools and opportunities to succeed

  • Excel Technically - maximize positive impacts at Lockheed Martin Aeronautics

  • Produce and Elevate Talent - be a resource for talent and service

  • Expand Membership - develop a strong membership base with our Executive Leaders

2020-2021 Goals for the Chapter

Chapter Officers
Marquis Henderson
Vice President
Joe Merkerson

Brianna Scott graduated from the University of Alabama – Huntsville where she received her B.S in Industrial & Systems Engineering. She also received a B.S in Applied Mathematics from Oakwood University. Brianna has been at Lockheed Martin Aeronautics for a year, where she functions as an Operations Engineer for the F-35 Wing Build team. In her spare time, she enjoys playing volleyball and attending cycling classes.
Keith Jackson

Briana Merkerson graduated from the University of Alabama-Huntsville where she received her B.S in Industrial & Systems Engineering and M.S in Engineering Management. She has been at Lockheed Martin Aeronautics over 6 years, where she supports F-35 Supplier Quality and F-35 Project Engineering Office of Sustainment as part of the Advance Technical Leadership Program (ATLP). Briana and her family plan to establish a scholarship to encourage future generations to become Engineers.
Emma Stevens
Joshua Heads
Programs Chair

Brett Jones, Jr. graduated from Southern Polytechnic State University receiving his B.S in Electrical Engineering. He also received his M.S in Electrical Engineering from Florida International University. Brett has been at Lockheed Martin for just over two years and is currently an Electrical Engineer for the IFG Electrical Power Systems and Controls team. As a hobby likes to barbecue and his aspiration is to mentor youth, while exposing them to STEM.
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Cayla Jackson
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Membership Committee
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Professional Development Committee
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Communications Committee
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Community Service Committee
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Fundraising Committee
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Pre-College Initiative Chair
College Initative Chair
Conference Chair
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I'Nita White
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Events Planning Committee
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Scholarship Chair
Keith Jackson
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