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Steps to Join 


The following Steps need to be completed in order to Join NSBE

1. Pay National NSBE Dues

*** Recent hires who were NSBE Collegiate members and who are within a year of

their degree completion will have their 1st year of National Professional

membership waived. (a $55 value) ***

2. Pay Local NSBE Chapter Dues

  • Cash: Contact Treasurer

  • CashApp: $LMNSBEPRO

  • PayPal/CC: 

  • Check: Payable to NSBE Professionals of Lockheed Martin

3. Save copies of receipts in PDF format

4. Complete the NSBE Professionals of LM

    Aero Membership Application

Why is this important?

By join the NSBE Professionals of Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, you will be able to grow professionally, while being surrounded by other like-minded individuals with the desire to make a difference in the community.

The national benefits of joining NSBE can be found here.